Thursday, 13 April 2017

Fundamentals of Sales and Marketing

The fundamentals of sales and marketing are quite much layered in itself as a lot of attention to detail and persistent hard work is required to achieve the targets and business objectives. And with lot many players in the market offering the similar type of products and services, there is also a pressure on any said brand to reinvent the wheel without compromising on the realms of quality and the basic nature of the products or service offered. The marketing and promotional techniques need to be novel and path breaking in order to survive the cut throat competition and mark a presence in the minds and hearts of the customers creating brand strength of own in comparison to the contemporaries. The case discussed above is just not confined to any specific industry or domain but acts as a blanket rule for varied industries like real estate, FMCG, BFSI, retail, and more. The marketers and sales personals need to understand one vital factor that sales and marketing work as each other’s backbone with the common objective to achieve targets and overall success of the brand.

Apart from undertaking conventional marketing programs like advertisements in print media, commercial ads on television and latest ones such as e-mail marketing, SMS promotions, WhatsApp promotions, on-ground activations, and more, one should always look out for the genuine Database Providers in Mumbai who have the data authenticated and filtered suiting your target requirements. It not only adds to your bank of the database but also lends an additional support to your sales team providing those sales ready leads that are almost on the verge of closure. The leads should match your product requirements, budget, location, and nature of the product or services. There are seldom Database Providers in Mumbai who actually match and understand your business requirements and acumen working as your extended arm for achieving your objectives.

The selected database providers should also offer Call Centre Services for the ease and convenience of your sales personnel, thereby saving your precious time and resources. Their inbound and outbound calling staff should be well appraised with your product knowledge, USP’s of the brand, technical know-how, brand history, brand strength and budget details amongst other such crucial factors. These details about the brand and product help the caller the provide details to the prospective customer and thereby filtering the data into hot, warm and cold leads. Further follow-ups with the potential lead help them to arrive at the conclusion and provide you with authentic and hot prospective leads leading closures by your sales staff. The Call Centre Services from the professional agency work as an added advantage for your brand.

Though, surviving in today’s market with changing government policies, new entrants in the market, budgetary issues plus evolving tastes and preferences of the customers; the proficient Database Providers in Mumbai offering Call Centre Services works as an asset for your sales and marketing departments.  

Monday, 27 February 2017

Digital Marketing- A boon to the industry

The last decade has been revolutionary for the businesses in a way they approach to their customers and working out their marketing and promotional techniques to sell their products and services. The competition has been elevated to the new levels, customer is more aware and everyday there is a new trend ruling the market; the main reason behind all these factors is the boom of internet marketing and social media making everything available on our finger tips with just one single click. Mobile phones are no more just a lifestyle accessory but one of the most vital reasons of survival as from hotel bookings to check-ins, online shopping for clothes to groceries and uploading pictures on social media handles to networking and much more everything is done via our most favorite device.
There are many agencies offering Digital Marketing Services in the city of Mumbai catering the requirements of brands across the country who are experts in their fields helping the brands to promote their products and services to much wider audience in an economical way. The Online MarketingService Providers take a thorough low down on your brand strengths, brand values, product technicalities, features and USP’s thereby formulating the entire digital marketing plan and strategy to reach your target audience ensuring closures and profits for your business. With their strong knowledge about the ways and means of digital marketing, they filter down the data of your prospective customers depending on their age, location, occupation, income levels, lifestyle and other factors providing you with potential leads that are qualitative in nature, saving time and resources leading to increasing the productivity of your sales executives.
The concept of digital marketing is much wider as compared to traditional marketing concepts like prints ads, radio ads and exhibitions as its visibility is higher with everyone being hooked on their computers, tablets and mobile phones almost entire day. The Digital Marketing Services agencies use a promotional mix of social media channels, e-mail marketing and other mediums depending on your product features, budget and target market. For targeting young and college going consumers, social media applications like Facebook, Instagram, blogs along with promotions on various websites that are regularly viewed and used for educational purposes are used. Likewise to capture corporate middle-aged professionals, promotional techniques like SMS campaigns, WhatsApp campaigns, E-mailer campaigns, ads on leading e-paper website likes The Times of India, Hindustan Times and more are used. The Online Marketing Service Providers also use other online techniques like Google promotions; banner ads, SEO, SEM, etc that also work in a big way for brand promotion reaping profits for the business. Apart from wider reach, digital marketing techniques are much more economical and can be worked as per the budget optimally utilizing all the available resources.  

Digital Marketing has truly evolved the way we promote our brand.