Thursday, 24 August 2017

How effective are video brochures for branding?

Video brochure is one of the most effective marketing strategies of the current digital marketing trends. A video brochure is a mechanical novel that tells engaging stories about your product/service which eventually catches the attention of the prospect due to its creative nature.It is a smart mechanism that integrates Vision & Voice and leaves a far reaching impact on the audience’s mind & is a latest economical form of promoting and advertising your brand in the cut-throat competition. It is a proven method and an ultimate way to gain the momentum of your brand in the marketplace.

As we all know, Content is not the king; but the kingdom itself. The content that you upload on the video brochure definitely plays a vital role as it can make or mar your brand image. We at Krono, have got years of experience in marketing & supplying video brochures nation- wide which makes us a renowned entity in the Indian market. From the manufacturing of the video brochure to the content creation for that matter and everything in between, we have got you covered. Our Creative & Quality-rich content is sure to hit the mark on your target audience.

We take care of the creative as well as the technical aspects of the video & provide the features that meet ISO standards.The top-of-the range characteristic that this product holds is that it can be re-programmed and can be re-used for the countless number of times.It is a one-time investment that provides you a long term market growth and surpassing ROI, so it is completely worth your money and time.

Video brochures are undoubtedly going to be the next big legacy for our future marketeers.
Don’t get caught up about the production of the video brochure & creation of the video content for promoting your brand. Lean on us to plan & execute the complete package of your video marketing.
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Saturday, 29 July 2017

Man power solutions for marketing processes

Telemarketing service is the most effective and dynamic communication marketing tool of this era.Its direct interaction with prospective customers makes it a most commonly used direct marketing tool. Telemarketing; when handled with utmost professionalism, can reap the next level benefits for your business.Its benefits include direct feedback from customers, it brings captive audience in its fold as soon as the phone is answered since the call receiver has no choice but to listen. It also benefits small businesses with limited marketing budget to accomplish their high sales aspirations due to its cost effectiveness. It is used to build relationships and generate potential leads. A telemarketing operative’s job is to approach potential clients and drum up interest in the company’s product/service and also to book and arrange appointments with the prospective clients. They can gain valuable information from the people they call, such as their interests, needs and requirements, which help the company to build stronger and more effective marketing campaigns in the future; thereby expanding the sales territory further.
Data entry outsourcing is when the business to which the data belongs is not physically doing the processing work, but instead shopping it out to another business. Many businesses outsource their data entry work to a dedicated data entry services provider. Can you imagine all that your staff can accomplish if they did not have to take care of mundane and repetitive data entry work? Though data entry tasks are necessary for every business, they can take your business away from your core business functions and leave you with no time for business-critical work. Data entry outsourcing becomes the answer to this common problem faced by most of the companies trying to make a mark in the competitive world of business. You need a service agency which is a reliable data entry provider, has expertise in this field and contains a good perception of this work to settle on. Data entry outsourcing benefits your business by saving company’s cost by avoiding in-house operator, the risk is mitigated when the work is outsourced to an experienced data entry service provider, it also gives strategic advantage over competitors by reducing the burden of repetitive data entry work of the internal staff which drives them to deliver more creative and productive output in their work thereby giving guaranteed advantage over competitors.
The sole purpose of outsourcing Manpowersolutions is to make well-suited matches between corporate clients and job applicants wherein both the parties should be satisfied with the requirements and expectations of the other. Outsourcing allows companies to focus on other business while the manpower staffing provides recruitments and manages staff for them. It is an efficient way to save cost and time. Outsourcing firms help in getting the right candidate for your company. Though taking the first step towards outsourcing company is time-consuming, figuring out how to build your business with the help of external professionals can offer increased efficiencies and economies of scale. Medium and long-term gains are best realized by selecting a vendor who brings value to your core business. It helps to achieve quality output and meeting the desired standards. These days, there are numerous applicants for the same position and companies do not have the time to scrutinize through those many applications and that’s where Manpower solutions come into the picture and is the best solution where business owners and executives do not have the skills to find the perfect candidate. Once you have developed a relationship with a Manpower service provider that you trust, your future hiring will go even more smoothly.